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Caring of wool

Boiled wool is fabric that is dyed first. It is then immersed in hot soapy water, whereby the fibers of the fabric are allowed to adhere to each other by mechanical compression. This makes the fabric stronger, warmer and more resistant to wind and rain.

Washing the wool

The wool naturally repels dirt and the best way to maintain the woolen clothes is ventilation. If ventilated in damp conditions the wool fibers swell and impurities are removed. If you have to wash the clothes, wash them manually and use only a gentle detergent meant for the wool. The water temperature should preferably be 30 degrees or less. The garment should not be pulled by rubbing – compression is the best way to wash. Wash your garment quickly and put it in fresh air to dry, preferably horizontally.

Woolen garment is long-lasting and should be well taken care of. Regular ventilation and lint removal keeps the garment as new. To prevent from moths, it is best to place a cedar tree or lavender scent in the wardrobe.

Removing a stain

Bile soap is good for stain removal. Soak the soap and rub it to the stain point. Rub stain with a finger or a soft toothbrush gently and rinse the soap with a lukewarm water. Squeeze the water off and let the garment dry naturally to allow the fibers to breathe.
Instead of bile soap you can also use liquid laundry detergent.

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Removing pilling

Like our dear pets, our natural wool coats and bags need also brushing. Usual ball tip hair brush works well. You’ll be able to remove pilling and the product will look always as new.
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