Tervetuloa kauppaamme!

We strive to sell products that are:

local Finnish or other lands’ artisanry
small workshop- or hand-made
timeless in design and of high quality
versatile in choice and minimalist in attitude.

BEING MADE BY LOCAL FINNISH OR OTHER SKILLED ARTISANS means that with us, you always know that your clothes come from the place where quality is held in high regard. Our coats are made here in Finland by our own artisans. Our current accessories are made in Australia and EU. And more will come…

BEING SMALL WORKSHOP- OR HANDMADE means that every single product we sell is an individual creation made with the talent and passion, by the hands of a skill and in ways that appreciate the thousands of years of artisan culture. Thus we can offer not only the quality of handmade items, but also an exceptionally wide range individual sizes and color combinations.

BEING HIGH QUALITY AND TIMELESS means that we strive to produce items that can be used from year to year, from one fashion craze to another. We do not believe in disposable fashion, or, for that matter, in producing anything to be disposed of after a short duration of use

BEING VERSATILE IN CHOICE AND MINIMALIST IN ATTITUDE means that our designs provide the buyers with the freedom of using them with variety of different styles and wardrobe items. Whether you are looking for everyday clothes or festive use, for business or casual looks, our wear should fit your aspirations.

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